Chimney Repairs

Most damage to chimneys start small. The crown wash at the top of the chimney cracks over time on all chimneys, no matter how good the mason that built it. This leads to water infiltration into the structure causing various degrees of damage. VS Mason & Chimney will usually give customers different option on to how to repair this damage and make whole again

Chimney Lining and Installation of Stoves/Units

VS Mason & Chimney lines fireplace flues, woodstove units and pellet stoves. We also line oil and gas flues

  • Woodstoves – By code, woodstoves must be lined with stainless steel liners from the unit to the top of the chimney. Most insurance companies require this.
  • Oil Flues / Gas Flues – Newer oil and gas furnaces make the flues extremely susceptible to damage as they are way more efficient and the exhaust they let out is a lot cooler than older units (year 2000 and newer). This exhaust condenses in the flue with a byproduct of sulfuric acid. The combination leads to rapid deterioration of the terracotta flues. Liners will increase the efficiency of the furnaces.
  • Pellet Stoves – These units must also be lined with a stainless steel liner when installed in a fireplace.
  • Other – VS Mason & Chimney also installs Class A & B Chimneys for woodstoves, pellet, gas. We install pre-fab (non masonry) fireplaces as well.

Chimney Caps

VS Mason & Chimney installs Stainless, Copper and Bluestone Caps. Caps are important to stop weather from infiltrating your chimney structure. We have single flue, multi flue and also bluestone caps that cover the entire chimney.

Chimney Cleaning

We clean fireplaces, woodstoves, pellet stoves and gas units. Oil and Woodstove companies hire us to install their units so we can cater to the big companies as well as residential customers.


Masonry doesn’t last forever, no matter if it’s brick, block or stone. VS Mason & Chimney uses high quality waterproofing that usually needs to be reapplied every 7-10 years.

Other Masonry

  • All types of stone veneer
  • Stoops
  • Retaining walls
  • Landscape Masonry, walls, patios

Real Estate Inspections

VS Mason & Chimney does honest and fair inspections for real estate. You will get an accurate assessment on any masonry, chimney issue that may pop up during the home inspection. We always get the work done, if needed, before closing.

Before & After with Thin Brick/Stone

Before & After with Beach Stone & Bluestone Hearth